Thursday, 15 May 2008

I'm back

Hi y'all, I'm home!

I have been to the UK for four days and returned yesterday afternoon. It's funny because when I was booking the trip, although I really wanted to see our family, I didn't want to leave Misty, geese, new chooks and OH. Then when I got to the UK I realised I hadn't really booked a long enough trip.

I stayed with my parents in-law who are brilliant. My mother in law Eileen is great fun and we had a good time mooching around a sunday market, and going for a walk along the river She has just come back from a holiday in China and it was good to hear all about it. My father in law is lovely too and we spent a good time chatting and putting the world right. We have 2 neices in the same village who are just gorgeous (17 and 11), they are really great company, and their parents (OH's sister and husband) who are bril as well. I got to see my dad. I hadn't seen him for ages, as he won't come over here. Since he lost my mum he doesn't want to be away from the house for long. He loves his garden, and it was immaculate.

Although it was good to be with them all, and I got upset when I left, it was lovely to be home here. My geese have really grown and are starting to get proper feathers on their wings and tails. I must take some more photos of them quickly. They still have little squeaky voices which is so cute. Just a quick post as I've been working today and have got to get dinner started.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Crikey I go away for a couple of weeks and you've been blogging like mad! Just caught up with you again. Those geese look so cute - no wonder you can't stop cuddling them. Did you get more chickens because you missed the lot you had visiting from breezybeakblogs?

Mean Mom said...

Glad you had a good time over here. You obviously caught the good weather, whilst you were here, and now, today, we have had storms and rain!

Carol and Chris said...

Glad you had a good time in the UK. I can't wait till we go.....haven't seen my Gran in nearly a year!!

Would love to see more pics of your geese!!

C x

Wooly Works said...

Glad you're back home!!

Breezy said...

Glad you enjoyed it I'm sure OH and the rest of the gang missed you

Maggie May said...

Glad you're home & that you had a lovely time over in England.It is always upsetting when you leave but good to be back. Such mixed emotions. We all have to go through them.

The Lehners in France said...

yikes! you're back! Glad you had a great time back in the YUK. I keep dreaming of baby geese, but Frits' aim is appalling. She winks and he gets her under the wing. Not great baby making stuff. He does enjoy it however and lets everyone know he's "done it". Debs x

Debra in France said...

Hi Mob, we got more chickens because 3 of ours were killed at new year by to dogs that got into the garden. Our remaining 3 stopped laying for 6 weeks, and during that time we had Breezys chooks. We missed having all ours wandering round the garden though and had always intended to get more. Debra x

Hi Mean Mom, You're right, the weather was glorious. We are having rain by the bucket load now. Debra x

Hi Carol and Chris, it was 3 years since I had seen my dad! He wont come over here and although I email regularly I am not so good at phoning. He is difficult to talk to because he doesn;t do much other than gardening, he has very little to say. When do you go? Debra x

Hi Wooly and Breezy, thank you. I can;t believe how much my little geese have changed!

Hi Maggie, I do get quite emotional when I leave, or when my in-laws leave us when they have been over here. DEbra x

Hi Debs, Poor Frits. Wouldn't baby geese be lovely though? Ours love company but are not keen on me picking them up!Debra x