Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bathing Geese

Here are Lucy and Gertie sharing a bath on this lovely warm afternoon. They have been dipping in and out all afternoon. They have got a few tubs like this around the garden, this one is under the magnolia tree. On one of their dips I sat next to them, one of them got out and the other stayed in and she let me stroke her and give her a wash, she nuzzled her beak in my hand. A very happy time.


The Lehners in France said...

Yay, keep them coming, they are lovely! I either take the omelets out out the freezer the night B4 to defrost or thaw in the microwave. Best to reheat in the oven for 15-20 mins as they go a bit soggy when you reheat in the microwave especially if you have mushrooms in them. If you think about it, it's no different to buying a frozen quiche. Debs. P.S Deborah has just left the building! x

Breezy said...

Ah bless they look so sweet I knew I should have followed my instincts and had a wander down today. How long before they are in the swimming pool?

Maggie May said...

How lovely! Keeping cool.
Somewhere in my photo album I have a picture of my son sitting in a bowl like that in the garden on a hot day!
He was only two years old!!!!!!

aims said...

I just read someone else's post about geese The One True Love


I was surprised to read of how close geese are to each other and now to read your two posts - well - it's just too cute!

I think you are lucky to have them. I bet breezy is going to be over all the time!!

Carol and Chris said...

Hi Deb - Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - I've just spent ages reading through your past posts!! Your blog is fab!!

The picture of Lucy and Gertie in the bath is soooo cute!!

C x

Ps. Completely agreed with you on the please and thank you thing - that is something that drives me mad too!!

Mean Mom said...

Lovely photos. The geese are certainly growing quickly!

The Lehners in France said...

Debra, if I remember rightly you are off to the YUK. Have a great time. Debs x

Wooly Works said...

Oh Debra! I'm just now starting to catch up! Your geese are just lovely. I love their big feet and curious little faces. They'll be terrific when grown. Keep the pictures coming because they'll look like adults in no time flat!