Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Geese in the garden

We have had such glorious weather this weekend. It was 27 degrees on Saturday - wonderful.

When we got our new girls home last Tuesday, we put them all into the chicken run. Our chooks don't use it as they are free to roam in the garden. There was loads of green stuff growing in the run which was perfect for the geese as that it what they prefer to eat.

Well, after 4 days they were resorting to sticking their heads through the wire fence to get at grasss outside the run. I made a sort of a play pen from wire fencing stuff and surround some little cherry trees with it. I put in a water tub and some grain and put the geese into it. They hated being separated from each other, and squealed as I took them one at a time from the run to the play pen. They loved it. They ate all the long grass and clover, and the dandelion stalks, but they spat out the seeds heads. They go back into the chicken house at night and I close them in. Our 2 existing bantams prefer to sleep in a tree during the summer, but Primrose the big brown chook goes into the hen house with all the others.

On Sunday OH and I were in the garden cleaning the pool out and I decided to let the geese into the garden for a wander. They stayed close together and had a great day. They got into the water tubs to cool down, they had a little snooze under a tree it was a joy to watch them. I sat down to read a book on the grass and they came and sat next to me. Misty went to investigate them and got hissed at! She back of quickly but soon came back for another look. No hisses this time, they just sniffed each other and wandered off.

I moved the play pen yesterday, put the geese in it, went of to do some hairdressing, came back and the geese were in the garden! I had left a gap in the pen and they escaped. I wasn't worried, they were happy little souls wandering around. I left them in the garden all day and put them away last night.

This morning was the big day. I left the chicken run door open so that they could all come out. It was a nervous moment, and as soon as I finish this post I am going to check on them all!

Debs has requested some more baby geese photos, and I am happy to oblige.


softinthehead said...

Sounds idyllic - sort of Darling Buds of May - do you remember that. Very envious :)

Debra in France said...

Blimey, that was quick SITH! I remember the programme. but I never actually watched it. I really love my life here. I could spend all day in the garden watching the animals or in the kitchen cooking.

The Lehners in France said...

Thanks for the photos. They are real cuties. I could spend hours with our geese, and often do! They follow us around and love to be in your company helping weeding, painting or pointing masonry whatever. They are 2/3 years old now and we've had them since December. They lay eggs from about 2 onwards. I make Spanish omelets with spare eggs and freeze them. They are great if you are too busy or lazy to cook, or have unexpected visitors.
Debs x

Debra in France said...

Hi Debs, I am glad you liked the photos. I am finding any excuse to wander down the garden and see them. I sat outside with a book for a while yesterday and they came and sat next to me. I didn't realise they dont lay for a couple of years, or that you can freeze spanish omlettes. What a brilliant idea. Do you cook them from frozen?