Thursday, 1 May 2008

First egg!

We have been keeping our new birds in the chicken run during the day, and shutting them in the hen house at night. I went to let them out this morning and one of our new girls had laid an egg!

Just a short post for now, I have had some new visitors to my blog and I want to go and visit them.

It is bank holiday here in France, so Bon 1er mai tout le monde.


Mignon said...

Hello Debra,
I love chicks. We has chickens and turkey's. When we first brought them home the man at the feed store put them all in a paper sack. 9 chicks and 3 turkeys. They do get big fast. All were very friendly. They would run to us every time we went outside. The turkeys would follow us like puppies. And loved being rubbed under there wings. They would start to drool and relax. Sadly we had coyote problems and took all but 6 chickens. They also took one of our pygmy goats. The hens were so distraught. We had to find another free range farm to take them. Our county will do nothing about the coyotes. I would find them chasing my chickens in daylight around my yard. When my girls were little they would pick up the chicks and go around and find bugs and hold the chicks out to them and then the chicks would eat the bugs. Anyway. I miss them they were so much fun. They were like yard art for me. I miss the way we would come home and run to me car to greet me and as soon as I opened my door funny didders and rooster tail (2 names we gave them) would jump up into my car. Enjoy your chicks.

Wooly Works said...

Oh Debra. I saw your comment this morning and you're so sweet. We are just overwhelmed with building fences and wind breaks, getting ready to shear, hauling away debris from the winter winds, etc. In the midst of all that, we've been really sick without the time to lay in bed and recover. It seems like everything went to h**l over the winter. I promise I'll catch up when the work lets up or the weather turns nasty. x

The Lehners in France said...

Wow they settled quickly. I must try the Superman theme and see how it affects my girls. By the way we've only had our geese for 4 months, so you can tame them quickly. Debs x

Maggie May said...

I expect that will be the first of many! Hope you enjoyed it as I'm sure it is eaten by now.
How exciting! Your fowls look well....... like fowls! Enjoy them. Hope they are not for the pot!

Living the Dream said...

Gosh I have missed out on so much, sorry. You have been so busy. Richard and I want some chickens, so perhaps that is what we are going to look into when we get back.

aims said...

Sounds like you are having fun with your new family! Cuddly geese - now that is different!

Once they all start producing - what then? Are you going to sell the extra eggs?

The Lehners in France said...

More Baby Geese Photos! PLEASE! Debs x

farming-frenchstyle said...

Isn't every day in May, in France, a b.....y Bank Holiday?
Confused dot com.

Debra in France said...

Hi Mignon, I am so sorry to read about the coyote problem. It us heartbreaking to loose any animals. I get hours of fun watching ours truddle around the garden.

Hi Wooly, Sorry to read you have all been ill. Take it easy and come back soon.

Hi Debs, I keep cuddling our two, but they wont take food from my hand yet.

Hi Maggie, they are definately not for the pot. The new chook eggs are delish, and really tiny at the moment, they should get bigger as the birds mature.

Hi Haze, they are really worth having and so easy to keep. I couldn't bear to be without them now.

Hi aims, no we wouldn't sell the eggs we have lots of people wiling to take the surplus though. OH and I get through alot, we have an egg each for breakfast every morning, and I have got into baking again - lots of eggs means lots of cakes. Unfortunately it also means estra centimetres on the waist line!

Hi Debs, you wish is my command. As you can imagine I have taken several!

Hi Farming frenchstyle, yes, there are so many bank holidays in France in May it is not worth going to work!