Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New arrivals at Chez us-in-france!

Just arrived today are 3 new chickens and 2 baby geese!!

The white chicken is called Mrs Gobby, the grey one is Maisie and the black one is Dixie.

The geese are called Lucy and Gertie. They are Toulouse geese and will grow up having pretty grey feathers. At the moment they are really fluffy and I can't stop picking them up and cuddling them.
OH and I have just had fun and games trying to herd our 3 existing chickens back into the coup. The chooks are free to roam the garden during the day, and when our new ones arrived this afternoon we put them in the coup and run and closed the gate. It was good aerobic exercise running around the garden! They are all safely in the coup now, but the 3 older ones are a bit apprehensive of the geese.


A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I'm catching up Debra, and have really enjoyed reading your last few posts - thank you. The fluffy little darlings look so sweet - I'd be cuddling them too. M xx

Mean Mom said...

Love the photos, especially the baby geese. I'm amazed they let you cuddle them. I'm such a townie! What do the cats make of them?

Breezy said...

I've seen them everyone (what me hotfoot it down there as soon as I heard?) and let me tell you the chickens are so so pretty and I may even change my prejudices about geese (we'll see how their tempers go as they grow up)

Debra in France said...

Hi Mothers place, Thank you for visiting again. My posts are so sporadic, when I get a free afternoon I just have a writing spree! I can't stop picking the geese up, they are so soft and snuggly.

Hi mean mom, The younger the geese are the more you can handle them. We want them to be friendly and approachable so I will handle them as much as possible. They are Toulouse geese and I have been told that they are friendlier than the white ones. Misty the kitten is desparate to get in the coup to see them. She has walked all around the outside and has been showing off by trying to climb the fence! The other 3 cats are not bothered at all.

Hi Breezy, Thanks for you lovely comments. You know you are always welcome to come for a goose cuddle. I hope they stay nice and gentle as they get older, otherwise OH will have goose for xmas dinner! Only joking, we could never eat a pet!

dND said...

I shall be watching your progress on the geese Debra as I'm thinking of getting a few next year - for the pot I have to say.

They are also good for letting you know if anyone is around too.


The Lehners in France said...

Debra, your geese are soooo cute. Our two here Leni and Frits are adorable and inseperable. They are about 2/3 years old, I can pick them up and cuddle them. Especially the male believe it or not. Leni lays an egg every other day, they're huuuuge and make great cakes. Debs x

Debra in France said...

Hi dnd, I have a client who has Guard Geese. They are Toulouse geese as well, and once they realise you are not an intruder they are really friendly.

Hi Debs, It's so nice to know that at that age you can still cuddle them. I love the way that ours stretch their necks out and do tiny squeaks! I didn't know that they laid eggs that often, I have never tried a goose egg - I can't wait.

(Very) Lost in France said...

Lovely chooks. I just bought two new ones myself but not nearly so aesthetically pleasing as yours, in fact they are seriously ugly. Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Forrest the cockerel is very pleased with them. Bonne chance

Debra in France said...

Hi very lost in france, I couldnt agree more. We used to have a really old chicken called Mabel. She had a scrawny red neck, but lovely black feather and I adored her. I was devasted when she died. Thank you for visiting my blog, I shall visit you shortly. Debra