Friday, 16 November 2007

Crispy leaves and toasty chestnuts

The other day OH and I had a lovely walk in the woods gathering chestnuts we have now roasted and scoffed. I took some lovely photos of golden leaved trees, and had not got around to downloading them 'til now. It was a great walk, you know, where you kick all the leaves up in the air with your feet and make a really good rustly, scrunchy noise, then you go OW! because you have kicked a flippin' great lump of granite.
I love autumn colours, all rich and golden, and when it's a nice dry day it is glorious.
We have had a few days of heavy frosts, and our chickens, like Breezy's have been looking very sorry for themselves. Ours have a warm spagetti breakfast, but I think they need a bit more sustanance than corn and laying pellets. I think a big sack of wheat is on the cards for them and a few few bigs tins of cheapie cat food.


Breezy said...

You'll have them bullying the cats again feeding them cat food!

Debra in France said...

Misty and one of the chooks were sharing a dish of cat food this morning! They weren't so keen on their pasta today.