Friday, 16 November 2007

Dust, dust and more dust

We have finally got around to finishing some jobs off around the house. We have 2 rooms that have wooden floors, one of them is oak which we laid 3 years ago, promptly covered it in hardboard to protect it (as we still had masses of renovating to do) and didn't take the hardboard off till earlier this year, and the other floor is in the spare room - not sure what the wood is.

Anyway, we decided that this was the week to hire a sander, and sand and varnish the floors. Sounds dead simple, but first you have to empty the rooms!!! Ah a flaw (should that be 'floor'?!) in the plan. The furniture in the spare room is really old and heavy stuff, but it all came out and cluttered up the rest of the upstairs. The sander was duely hired and OH sanded the floors. I went round the room afterwards with a little sander getting all the bits that the big one couldn't do. After the intense noise of the sanding, came the intense smell of the varnish. Both rooms are big and have needed 2 coats of varnish, but at least the spare room is all back in place now and the floors look great. The downstairs room needs another coat and possibility sanding and re-coating as it is not as silky smooth as I would like.

Misty the kitten thought that the 'kitten assault course' we had created for her with all this furniture piled up was fantastic. She also has discovered that if she sits on your shoulder while you are working, she gets a great view of everything - see photo of her on OH's shoulder.

After a week of DIY it was lovely to get back to doing hairdressing this morning. One of the great things about hairdressing is that you get to meet lots of people, and when you are really lucky you get to meet lovely people like my first clients this morning - Maggie and Alan. I hope they don't mind me mentioning their names, but I love going to see them. They are a great laugh and two of the nicest people I have met.


Breezy said...

Yes you are both doing great impressions of the hunchback of Notre Damme. Now that you've got some practice in you can come & do our floors!

Debra in France said...

Hi Breezy, I am never sanding floors again - I've got a huge burst blister on my knee from kneeling and varnishing and I am sneezing dust colored snot!