Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Housework like a hunchback

No I don't have a bad back, I have a kitten! Misty is being quite clingy today and wants to be held as much as possible. This meant I that I had to try and clean the bathroom one handed. After a minute of juggling bathroom spray and cloth, I though 'this is ridiculous' and put her on my shoulder so that that I could use both hands. Fine for the sink, but when it came to the bath, I had to bend down and she felt like she was going to fall off. So, clever little thing that she is, she walked down my back as I was bending over, stopped at the bottom of my spine and sat down. Great, I could clean the bath easily now. But, oh-oh how was I going to get out of the bathroom with a kitten sitting on my lower back having a wash?! Walk out bent double of course! I managed to persuade her get off when we got to the sofa, I could roll her off without hurting her. How pathetic am I? No, don't answer that! My poor OH says he comes last in the household pecking order after the cats and the chooks. He is wrong of course, but Misty certainly knows how to get the most attention.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Of course the kitten comes before your husband! You probably wouldn't let him walk down your back whilst you are cleaning the bath! What a cutie the kitten is. I read your post about your mum dying four years ago - it made me think of my own. Life goes on but like you and everyone that's lost a love one, it's good for me to mentally say hello now and again. Keeps them alive in a way. I was 36 when I lost both my parents together so just a few years younger whan you were. It was too young to loose them both and I resented it very much but time heals. You sound very sorted!

Debra in France said...

Hi MOB, lovely to hear from you. So sorry to hear about your parents. It is an awful thing to go through, especially losing both of them. Time is a great healer, but 4 years on there are times when I still go to phone mum to ask for advice!