Thursday, 18 October 2007

Catflap Capers and Cobwebs

We have had great fun over the past week teaching Misty the kitten to use the cap flap. While the weather was warm we could leave the front door open (while we were at home) and she could come in and out as she pleased. Now it is a bit chillier, the door has to stay shut most of the time. She has been sitting looking out of the catflap, and you could see the grey matter in her brain trying to work out how the other cats have materialised on the other side of the door.

We had a fun half hour with me sitting one side of the cat flap and OH sitting on the other, and pushing the kitten back and forwards through it. We tried really hard not to p*** ourselves laughing at the same time, but it was hilarious.

Well, she worked out how to get outside using the cat flap, but it took her a week to suss out the 'coming back in' stage of the operation. She is as happy as anything going in a out all the time. Her back legs are still a bit on the short side, and she has to drag them through the cat flap, cos, when her front legs are touching the ground on one side her back legs are 45 degrees in the air the other side! Bless.

I had an early start to work last saturday. It was really foggy where we live, but 10 mins away it was bright sunshine and glorious. Driving through the countryside all the hedges looked like they were covered in very fine net curtains, the spiders had been busy overnight and everything was covered with cobwebs glittering with dew - stunning.


Swearing Mother said...

Hi Debra, thanks so much for visiting my blog, lovely to read you.

I love France so much, your photos are great. I especially love the pub quiz post, I'm of the age group that knows everything about the Beatles - wish I'd been there!

Looking forward to reading your next posts.

Best wishes.

Debra in France said...

Hi SM. I wish you had been at the quiz too! We knew nothing about the Beatles, to our shame, I mean, one of Britains greatest exports. I loved reading your blog too. Keep posting :-)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I had lost three cats after 18 years and suddenly we were pet free. A big fat black and white one started to turn up at our door. It miaowed so much but we ignored it - after all it was the fattest cat we had seen in years so it was eating okay and must belong to someone. We went away on holiday and came back and it was still there. I couldn't face having anothet pet - taking them to be put to sleep is heartbreaking and hurts just too much. My husband didn't want a cat, he wanted a dog instead. He saw no use for it and wanted it gone. She would run off when he shooed her away but she was more determined than he. She was there day in and day out but still he wasn't interested and that made me sad as I had secretly fallen for the wee soul and wanted to give her a home. She was patient and seem to have a wisdom beyond ours that somehow it would work out for the good. She had a deal breaker to end all deal breakers. Just as harvest began and our large country garden was festooned with field mice running from the combine harvesters, she flew into action. For the rest of the day, she chased, caught, toyed with and eventually saw off a veritable host of mice. Being the practical sort of man that my husband is,he hired her on the spot as chief mousegetterridderof and she is with us to this day. Clever old girl eh?

Debra in France said...

Hi MOB, cats are wise beyond their years. Misty uses her 'kitten powers' on me all the time, she wraps me round her little finger (or paw). We have lost 4 cats, Bobby died 6 weeks before my mum. Piglet died just before we moved to France and her sster Pooh died a year ago. Pooh and Piglet were adopted by us when they were 13 ish. There owner was moving abroad to be with her alcholic husband and was re-homing her 6 cats, including these two who were wedding presents. Personally having met the husband I would have stayed with the cats! Then last new years eve, we went out with all cats at home. We stayed over at some friends that evening, and when we came home Tabitha was missing and has never returned. It was a really crappy New Years Eve as well, and I wish we had come home instead of staying at our friends house. We walked all through the walks around us calling for her, if she had been around she would have answered as she was such a vocal cat. Losing them is heart breaking, but I just love having them around me.

Mean Mom said...

Thanks so much for visiting me. We are cat people, too and have 3 of them. I don't know what is the matter with the 2 eldest ones, at the moment, but every time I sit down for a few minutes, one of them jumps up on my lap as if to settle down for the rest of the day! I then feel obliged to sit for at least 15 mins, so that I won't hurt their feelings!

Breezy said...

I can see we'll have to get a cat flap sorted it's a bit nippy with the kitchen window open now and that plank will really have to go!

Debra in France said...

Hi Breezy. I look forward to hearing about Mimo's catflap capers!