Saturday, 3 November 2007

Christmas is coming ...
Isn't it bizarre how life changes. This will be our 4th christmas in France. The first we spent in rented accomodation and spent most of the day sorting out the computer and loads of receipts, then had a roast dinner in the evening.

The second we spent in our own house with a woman who 'was' a friend and her husband who we had never met before. He turned out to be an alchoholic, drinking a couple of bottles of vodkas a day (we found all the empties hidden all over the house after they left). We had invited them for a few days over christmas, they stayed for 10 days. They would get up at 10am after the fires had been swept and re-lit, had breakfast served to them, sat in front of the fire until midday in their dressing gowns, then got dressed and sat around for another couple of hours, he would then go for a walk with a bottle of vodka in his pocket, she would moan about him, then they would sit in front of the fire all evening and get drunk! It was the worst christmas I have ever had.

Last christmas we spent on our own, and had a nice relaxing day.

This year, will probably be the same, my aunt and cousin were going to come out but I think the flight costs are prohibitive.

Back in blighty, I worked full-time in an extremely busy hair salon. The whole of December was booked up by the end of September. I would be planning and scheduling my clients colours and cuts to get them ready for christmas. My own christmas shopping would be completed by the end of November as I only had sundays off in December. The bane of my christmas was the 'traditional' dressing up on christmas eve. I hated it! As if I had nothing else to do on my sundays off, I had to think of fancy dress to some stupid theme the managers had thought up. All my clients felt sorry for us having to look so stupid. I would do all the present shopping, the card writing and the wrapping. That is until one year when I refused to do his family's wrapping or card writing. I worked as usual on christmas eve, would come home to an empty house, as OH would be on his traditional christmas eve p**s up with his friends. Then on christmas morning he had an almighty fit because he hadn't thought I was serious about him having to wrap his own stuff up!!

Then there was whose family do we go to? What a flap! For the first few years of our relationship we spent the day apart, both of us going to our own family and meeting at home on the evening. Then I fell out with my lot, and started going to OH's family. It was very nice, but just not the same as my lots day. Not that it should be the same, or that my lot did anything different or special, but it was just what I was used to - you know, silly sayings and routines that come out year after year til you forget why they started, reminiscing over previous christmases and who did what to whom.

The best christmas since I've been married was when we had OH's parents to us for dinner. We went to theirs in the morning for pressies and drinks (they lived in the same village), had the afternoon to ourselves and then they came to us. It was really relaxed, fun and light hearted.

Now we have our own routines. I cook breakfast and wash-up, I watch crap on TV (White Christmas is essential) and OH plays computer games, I cook roast dinner (which I hate, but is his favourite, I would much prefer Indian or Mexican food), he goes back on the computer and I watch more crap. What a great day!!!!!! I love christmas trees, decorations and stuff - he is not at all bothered. Sometimes I wonder why I bother as well, I mean there is only the two of us, although I think the cats would miss the tree and all the baubles they can knock off of it!

Sorry, rant over, but it feels so much better to get it off my chest.


Breezy said...

I just hope you have enough Christmas trees for all those salt dough decorations you are going to make. What about a festive chicken series?

Debra in France said...

Hi Breezy, I definately think that a festive chicken series is a good idea. Funnily enough I was thinking of that chicken garland we saw on saturday, and thought about making a fabric one. I think there is a fabric shop over at junction 37 on the A20. Fancy a trip out one day?

Stinking Billy said...


I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I was laughing so much (What? It wasn't meant to be funny?) that my wife came through to ask what was going on.

It is as if you have finally decided to be 'no more mrs nice guy' and let your hair down.

But, a confession. I laughed most at the alcoholic guest with his pockets filled with bottles of vodka everywhere he goes. That could almost be me if I didn't buy my supermarket whisky in 1.5 litre bottles which are far too big for my pockets.

No, honestly, I do like my scotch but I hope to God that I never become the selfish, social embarrassment that he is. And his wife was just as bad! But they would be French, right? Oops!

Breezy said...

What a good idea count me in

Debra in France said...

Hi Breezy, will arrange a fabric shopping date.

Hi Billy, thank you for visiting me, I am glad you enjoyed reading my waffles and rants. At least we can laugh about those awful guests now, not only did they drink for England, they were fussy eaters as well, him no pasta or rice, her no tomatoes peppers or 'messed about with' food. Some people!!!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Guests are like fish - they go off after three days! What a self centred pair they were and you no doubt don't see them anymore. 10 whole days - I would have called the cops and had them arrested for loafing without intent to do anything nice or useful with their lives.

Christmas - the most magical of times and Christmas Eve is the best evening of all. But all that hype just for one day - I always feel bad for the widowed, lonely and the homeless so if I get too excited about it all then that brings me back to earth with a bump. I did quite a lot of charity work in the past and try to easy my conscience a bit reminding myself of that. Hope you have a good one.

Debra in France said...

Hi MOB, lovely to hear from you. You are right about all the hype, and I did always feel for the alone or homeless people. What a good idea to do some charity work. Hope you have a lovely chrismtas too. :-) xx