Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Wanted - A season ticket to the vets.

Why is it that you don't need to go to the vets for years, then you seem to be going every week? First we had a health check for Misty, then Josh had bronchitis and needed anti-biotics. Jemina has been poorly, lost masses of weight and has hardly eaten so has had blood tests and anti-biotics, now Josh has had an overnight stay as he hasn't been eating at all (not even his favourite ham). He has had an x-ray of heart and lungs, which have shown some shadows, a blood test for a thyroid problem and needs his teeth cleaned and possibly some removed. Poor little soul, at 15 all he wants to do is lie in the sun.

I am pleased to report that Misty's squits have gone. Yesterday at the vets I asked him to recommend some food for her. She is now eating Royal Canin 'weaning' dry cat food. She seems to love it and all dodgy tummy problems are a thing of the past.

Apart from cat worries we have had a great week. The weather has been glorious, and some friends who have a holiday home in our village, were over from the UK for 10 days. They are great company and we love seeing them. We all forced ourselves to drink good French wine, delicious food and put the world to rights- isn't life tough!


Karen said...

A big Get Well Soon for all the Us in France Felines

Karen said...

I'm tagging you for the seven random garden facts meme have a look at my blog for the rules