Monday, 30 July 2007

Legs like ladders and thoughts of mum

Not the most flattering description I'll admit, but Misty seems to think that they are exactly like ladders. She uses my legs to scale great heights - the kitchen table, kitchen sink and the bathroom sink to name but a few. I am just glad my mini skirt wearing days are over as the scratches her little claws leave are not particularly attractive.

I am having a housework day today. Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy housework. I was so busy with work last week, that things piled up and I started getting a bit irritable that I didn't have the time to do a good clean-up. So, I feel much better today, the house is clean, all Misty's newspaper toys are in her toy box, there are no cobwebs lurking in corners and the floor is nice and clean (at least for the next few hours - why did I choose cream floor tiles?!).

Bit of an 'odd feeling' day today. My mum died 4 years ago today. I don't feel depressed or sad, but it just makes me think that life is too short. All the things I wish I had said or done, the chances are gone now. My resolution after she died was to try and tell people how I feel about them. Not in a confrontational way, I shy away from confrontations, but I have some wonderful friends and relatives and want them to know how much they mean to me. I really miss mum. Even now there are times when I go to phone her for advice. Dad is still around, but it's no good asking him, he won't know how to take up a pair of trousers or mum's recipe for tiramisu. So mum, wherever you are - you were a great mum, I loved you so much and think of you every day. To my lovely husband, all my brilliant friends here in France, and to the friends and relatives who take the time to come over and stay with us or who make the effort to stay in contact - I really do love you all, your friendship means everything.

This is picture of my mum that I took about 5 years ago. She had already been diagnosed with cancer, and was really strong fighting it. She never stopped fighting, but it just got to much for her.


arnold said...

I suspect Misty will always need the use of your legs or stilts at least. Perhaps a little pogo stick or a space hopper I wonder if you can still buy them.

Debra in France said...

Well, I'll admit that she is very slightly 'vertically challenged' but she has discovered jumping and is practising at every opportunity. She may not need that space hopper after all!