Monday, 30 July 2007

O.K.D. - Obsessive Kitten Disorder

I don't remember being this obsessed with all the other cats and kittens we've had. I am obsessed with how much she eats or doesn't eat, when she goes to the loo, what she does when she gets there and the consistency of anything she produces.

She didn't eat much yesterday (Sunday), and certainly nowhere near the 30-40grams of dry food she is supposed to eat. Saturday we were out of the house for about 10 hours and she had no company, so, maybe she slept for alot of the day and wasn't very hungry. She tends to eat more during the night and early morning, but even last night she didn't eat much. She slept for most of yesterday as well, most of the time on me as I was 'resting'. Yesterdays lie-in was a truimph even by my standards. We had been to a bbq the day before, a barbie that started about midday and was still going when we left at 10pm - well, it's was French barbie, they know how to do things in style these French, we even had some food to with the lovely French wine! I digress, back to Misty not eating. I don't think she is anorexic, she hasn't read any of these celebrity magazines Karen is going to bring down for her, so I don't think she is aiming for a size zero, but it doesn't stop me worrying. I kept her awake all morning while I was doing the housework, have played with all loads trying to build up her appetite, but now she is dozing on my lap, and still barely eaten anything apart from a couple of chunks of Felix that Josh dropped on the floor for ron (you know late-er-ron).

All this worry will turn me prematurely grey. Alright, greyer.

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