Sunday, 15 July 2007

Kitten nutrition

How stressful can it be choosing food for my darling kitten. Oh the dilema - will she like duck, or will she prefer something with veg. What about the delicious looking 'terrine pour chaton' (kitten supermeat), which variety of dry food will she prefer? So, exit supermarket with every possible variety of food known to kitten-kind, all for a kitten with a stomach the size of a walnut!

So, what are her preferences? At first terrine was ok, then she didn't like it so I tried her on tiny chunks in gravy, unfortunately this makes her quite 'windy' and gives her the squits! Back to the drawing board, or should I say the cat food cupboard. Lets try whiskas, after all 9 out of 10 cats prefer it, and..... last week she loved it, it firmed up her poo brilliantly. However, as I had only bought 4 tins of it, when they were finished she had to go on to something else. Having today bought the entire stock of whiskas from the supermarket, she has decided she doesn't like it!!! Arggggh! Back to the chunks in gravy, farts, squits etc. I am currently trying deception - mix a generous quantity of kitten dry food, with delicious looking terrine and artistically arrange a few little chunks of gravy on the top. It has worked today, tomorrow is another day entirely.

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Karen said...

Brilliant photo you really need another kitty in the middle we have the ideal candidate she is currently asleep so is as cute as a cute thing that's really really cute