Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Low flying kittens!

Even though Misty is only about 12 cm tall and not big enough to get up or downstairs yet, this hasn't stopped her trying. Hearing panicky miaows the other day I found her halfway down the stairs and not sure what to do with herself - she was too tired go come down any further, and too tiny to get up the stairs. Even worse is the fact that she is auditioning to be a stunt kitten for the next James Bond movie. I had only turned my back for a split second, I heard an almighty miaow and bump, bump, bump she was at the bottom of the stairs having been at the top a second before. I am going to be totally grey haired by the end of the summer (if we ever get a summer).

She is getting stronger everyday - my book has the teeth marks to prove it. She has killed dozens of tissues and scrunched up bits of newspaper. The best bit is that after half an hour of racing round the room, she climbs up me for a cuddle and have to sit for at least an hour while she sleeps in my arms. Heaven!.


Anonymous said...

Debra this all probably Ians fault.
I hate to tell you this but seeing as he isnt around here goes. He has left you a dodgy tape measure. Ian is not six foot five inch tall and Misty is probably 12 millimetres tall.
Yours a concerned citizen.

Karen said...

Yes you gave us the non cuddling kitten!

Debra in France said...

Yes, but you'll will probably have far less of a mouse problem in the garden than we will. Mimo will protect your grounds and possessions with a passion, Misty will just want to cuddle every mouse that ventures into our garden!