Thursday, 14 June 2007

What a week!

I thought we came to France to relax - apparently not! We have been really busy this week, I have had various gardens to look after for people. Mainly people who have holiday homes. I have had several new hairdressing clients, and I have been helping OH with his work - he is a bathroom fitter and tiler.

So, a nice relaxing weekend? Not at all. I have an old work colleague and her family calling in for the day tomorrow while she is on holiday over here, we are out at some friends for a meal tomorrow evening (at least I don't have to cook), Saturday night we have some friends coming to us for a meal, and on Sunday my aunt and cousin are coming for a week.

Lets hope the weather picks up after that and I can potter in my garden. I haven't seen it this week, I could have veg ready to pick, or it could have all be eaten by the chickens! Come to think of it, they are looking a bit chubby!!! Egg production has been exceptional this week, we had 2 days where all six of them laid an egg. Must be all those redcurrants they are eating!

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