Friday, 15 June 2007

Picked Peas Please!

Hurray, I picked 10 pea pods this morning, full-to-bursting with lovely sweet peas. I have eaten 3 of them and the others won't last til dinner time!!! I haven't seen my garden all week (working) and I can't believe how things have progressed. The aforementioned peas, the plum tomatoes are really getting big now - the fruits not just the plants. The cherry toms are like triffids, the sweetcorn has doubled in size since last weekend and the runner beans are all in flower. The green peppers are huge, just need some some to turn them red. Even one of my sweet peas has a flower appearing on it. I am dead chuffed with everything. Isn't life great :-)

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arnold said...

Sounds good Debra and our stuff looks good too except for the spuds which look quite bad. A lot of yellow drooping branches witherd leaves it could be blight as the ground is soaking.Don't let us touch your spuds if we visit we could be deseased grim reaper of spuds, fend us of with stick if we forget, and approach your veg patch.