Monday, 11 June 2007

Thunderbolt and Lightening very, very frightening!

Well it wasn't very frightening actually, more like spectacular. Last night we had an amazing storm. The sky was filled with lightening glowing through the clouds, it took ages for the thunder to arrive but when it did it really shook the house, and for a house with 18inch thick granite walls, that is not easy. There was proper zig-zag lightning going across the sky - it was fantastic. Then the rain started, followed by the wind. At first the rain just poured vertically, then is flew all around the place as the wind caught it. OH and I opened the upstairs windows and sat and watched it for ages.

The poor cats weren't so keen. Josh was under the table, Jemima was under the bed and poor Rosie, didn't know what to do, so she sat under the alpine/herb sinks outside under the rain really came down, then she came in.

It has been so humid during the last few days, we were hoping for a storm to clear the air. It feels so much better today, blue sky and fresh air. Good job I cut the grass yesterday.

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Karen said...

Would you believe Tasha managed to hide in the cat box you lent us for the kitten!