Friday, 8 June 2007

Here comes the sun!

It was a scorching 28 degrees today! How inviting did this pool look after a hards days toil in the garden? With the water at 25 degrees - extremely inviting. This pool is one of the best things we've bought. It warms up really quickly and at 6m x 4m is a perfect size for messing about in.

Even the poor chooks were feeling the heat today, the two little bantams were sitting under a tree with their wings fanned out trying to lose some body heat.

I made a nice flower border outside the kitchen. I had put a few plants there anyway - some clematis and a honeysuckle. I found all these rocks in the garden, and started edging the border, and moved various plants from other parts of the garden into this it. The acers and the hosta in pots were there before, but it all looks nicer when we are sitting in the kitchen eating. I have had to 'chicken proof' some of the young plants through, the chooks like to have a good scratch about and I don't want to find infant plants scattered around the place. Weather looks good for tomorrow - about time we had a day off! Pool and cocktails - here we come !!

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