Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Chicken Chasing in deepest Limousin.

Oh what fun and games. Yesterday afternoon, warm, sunnyish and not a chook to be seen. Called for them - this normally results in 6 chickens racing up the garden in anticipation of food - but not a cluck to be heard. Went out onto the grassy path behind the house that leads to fields galore, and there, down in the fields were the happy chickens scratching around in the grass. I know that they saw and heard me, but they just stuck two fingers up (or the chicken equivalent) and said 'come home? No way hosay' and carried on. Buzzards flying overhead thought that KFC had come to town, so action needed to be taken. Between me and them was a barbed wire fence (pretty un-traversable because of the slope behind it), so this called for ........ CAT FOOD!!!

Back to house to get a tin of delicious looking 'tuna et legumes' cat food. If my neighbours had seen me I would be been sent to the funny farm, especially as all they would have seen is a woman going 'chook chook chuckaloo' and chucking little chunks of cat food down a slope into a field!!!

Half an hour later, they eventually came out one by one and I tried herding them through the garden gate, but no, they wanted to up the grassy path to find the little hole in the wire fence they came out of. Little gits.

Hence, holes in fence now blocked up. And to think, I came to France to get away from stress! Ho hum.


arnold said...

Slow down with the pictures Debra( especially the ones that look better than mine) the Blogging servers only hold 4 million gigs of data and your gona' bust em.

Ps can I borrow Stargate I'm having serious off-world withdrawal symptoms.

Debra in France said...

Beamed up to your place this morning, but you were off-world. Course you can borrow them.

Catherine said...

Good post.