Monday, 31 August 2009

13 years ...

.... Unlucky for some, but not for me.

It is our 13th wedding anniversary today. Where has that time gone. The weather today is gloriously warm and sunny, just like on our wedding day - ok, I know I am in a different country now. We are not going out for a meal tonight as it is Monday, and most restaurants are closed here in France.

I am really lucky to have a husband who shares the same values I do. We have a similar sense of humour and like lots of similar things.

We will go out tomorrow I expect, and we have got Maggie and Alan coming over on Friday night, they are coming late afternoon and staying til the next day. That way they can both drink and not worry about driving. They are brilliant company and we always have such a laugh when we get together.


Maggie May said...

Congratulations on 13 years! Traditionally people are supposed to give you lace for a thirteenth!
Enjoy it.

softinthehead said...

Congratulations Debra - many happy returns !!


Congratulations to you both.
Have a lovely celebration today.

Living the Dream said...

Congratulations for 13 years Debra. As you say, where on earth does the time go? Have a lovely meal with your friends and we will raise a glass to you, when next we have one in our hands, oh! cheers!

aims said...

Wow! Isn't that fabulous! I know I'm late on the congrats - but I still mean it!