Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Misty

Misty Mitten is 2 years old today, but unfortunately we have had to cancel her birthday party and she won't be having any cake today as she is a poorly kitten.

Over the weekend she had a very tight tummy and really yowled and hissed when we touched her or tried to pick her up. She was very sleepy and slept most of the day on Sunday, and all of Sunday night. I took her to the vets on Monday, who were fantastic and gave her a thorough examination. After an x-ray they decided that she may have a kidney infection and be constipated. Poor little thing, no wonder she was yowling. She had got some laxative paste (which she loves eating) and a liquid anti-inflammatory. She is currently fast asleep on my pillow, as we have to keep her in for the rest of this week, and she is living in our bedroom. Of course this means that I get to cuddle her all night long, but this is no hardship!


The knitting group I go to have started a knit-a-long. This is where we all make the same thing. It was Penny's idea, she picked a really nice bag to do. Well, I have casted on 3 times now. The first time I was just finishing the first row and pulled the wrong needle and all the stitiches came off! The 2nd time I had done four rows and it was suggested that we do the larger of the two bags as the small one was very small, so I undid it and started again on the bigger size. Last night I casted on for the 3rd time, knitted 4 rows, started the pattern bit and found I was following the small bag pattern and had the wrong number of stitches left over!! So, today I will cast on again.

I am off to the UK tomorrow for 4 days as my dad is 70 on Friday. I am only taking hand luggage and can't take my knitting with me, but Penny suggested I start another bag over there andpost it back - good idea. I would feel very odd sitting there in the evening with no knitting to do.


Maggie May said...

Poor Misty. Hope she recovers really quickly. Sorry she won't be blowing out her candles on her Birthday cake!

Knitting club sounds great.
I started a club for year six in the lunch time! Kept them busy saying *in*, *round*, *through*, *off*! They kept dropping stitches for me to rescue, but one of them really caught on. Was quite good fun. Once a week is enough though.

have a good time with your dad! He is the same age as my old man. Well slightly older!

softinthehead said...

Sending positive thoughts to Misty but it sounds like she is on to a good thing, sleeping in the bedroom :)

Knitting is additive isn't it? Plus it have just taken up crochet again and although I have trouble reading the patterns I love the process. Do you need to undo everything and cast on again, surely just undo the pattern stitches that were wrong? Maybe it is more complicated than that - hurry back from the UK - we've missed you!

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie May and SITH, my Nan taught me to knit when I was a child, but I could only make very holey dolls blankets! I have been been very successful in just undoing a row or two, and find it easier to undo the lot.

Misty is doing well. She is still in our bedroom, but I have been in to visit her lots today. I came up to see her a couple of hours ago and she wanted lots of cuddles, I lay on the bed a she curled up like a baby in my arm and we had a nap. She is sooo adorable.

Living the Dream said...

Have a lovely time in the UK and I hope your dad has a lovely birthday. Get knitting wool and patterns while you are there, you can read the patterns easier and the wool is cheaper. Talk soon.

Living the Dream said...

Gosh I never said for you to give Misty a hug from me, bless her. Hope she is better soon.

Debra in France said...

Hi Hazel, Misty is loads better today, we have been able to let her go outside this morning. Basically we had to wait for her to do a poo before she could go out! I am looking forward to seeing dad and Ians family. xxx

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Hope Misty is better. Just caught up with you, I've been slow to post lately too. Good time in the UK then? Hope so.