Friday, 16 January 2009

Shopping trip into Limoges

Yesterday Penny and I went into Limoges for a little wander around. I had some birthday money to spend, and Penny joined in the birthday spirit by treating herself to some goodies as well.

We started off with a delicious lunch. We both chose a tartine topped with both poached and smoked salmon with salad followed by creme brulee and coffee. Then we started our wandering.
We found a lovely needlework shop where the owner made everything herself. Penny treated herself to a handmade bag. I was so tempted to get one as well, and am still thinking about it, but they were a bit pricey. I wanted to get some clothes with my birthday money and we finally found the shop I was looking for. I bought 2 cardigans and 2 tops. The cardigans are the same style but different colours. They drape beautifully and the front sections hang about a 30cm longer than the back - very trendy at the moment, wayhay I am in fashion!). One of the tops is a long sleeved t-shirt top in a lilacy/grey colour and the other is a different style and purple.
We had an afternoon coffee in a little cafe in the merchants quarter and the carried on wandering. We called into a chocolate shop where I bought some nice things for OH.

Neither of us is keen on clothes shopping so we decided we had had enough for one day. We called in at a fabulous fruit and veg shop called Grand Frais with is on Avenue Locarno behind the main railway station in Limoges. It has the most amazing selection of fruit and veg from all over the world. There were fruits I had never heard of before. Next time I go, if I see someone buying them I will ask them what they do with them.


softinthehead said...

That sounds lovely, unfortunately whenever we are shopping in Limoges it usually in Bricomarche or some such, you get the idea! When I do get into Limoges proper it is with GWE in tow and that does not help a girl's shopping flow. Glad you managed to find some good stuff.

Maggie May said...

So glad you had a good shopping spree and managed to get the things you wanted.
You can knit yourself the bag, no need to buy one!

Debra in France said...

Hi SITH, for the first 3 years of living in France it felt like we actually lived at Mr Bricolage! We usually only go into Limoges when people come to stay and want to be shown around.

Hi Maggie, it was a lovely trip into town. I am going to look out for some fabric and have a go at making one of these bags.

Pearly Queen said...

You might like to look at these:

for some ideas...

Debra in France said...

Hi Penny, nice bags! I think we might need to go fabric shopping next! Thank you for the link. Debra xx