Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Poor Goosey Lucy

I had an awful afternoon last Friday. I came home from work to find Goosey Lucy dead in the garden. There wasn't a mark on her and all the other chickens and Gertie Goose were all fine. She looked like she had been sitting down and just keeled over.

I contacted the Wildfowl Trust in the UK who thought she may have had a congenital heart problem, as it it didn't look like another animal had 'got' her.

OH had thought something was odd that morning when only Gertie had appeared at the kitchen door to tap on it, yet when I looked down the garden a few minutes later they were both sitting together by one of the water stations. They were always inseperable waddling around the garden.

Gertie has been quite affectionate since her sister went. She has beenin the kitchen to have a nose around and i have given her lots of cuddles. I don't know if she likes them but I do! It's amazing how much she has grown in the month since we got her. She has proper wings now and beautiful feathers, whereas at first she just had stumpy little wings and was covered in soft fluff.

Luckily the market at Les Herolles is on again tomorrow (29th of the month) so we would like to go and get another one. We have been told that they like company and she does look lonely sitting in the garden on her own. She doesn't socialise with the chickens much.


Carol and Chris said...

Awwww the poor wee thing....That is so sad!! I'm glad your there to give Gertie cuddles and that you are going to get another Goose to keep her company!!

C x

The Lehners in France said...

Oh Debra, I'm so sorry. You get so attached to them. I hope you can find her a friend. Maybe even a little boy! Ours are lovely to watch together. Good luck Debs x

dND said...

So sorry to hear that Debra so I hope you are successful in your quest at the market. I feel they should always have at least one of their 'own kind' to talk to.

Deborah x

Debra in France said...

Hi Carol and Chris, thank you for your kind words, she sat on my lap in the kitchen this afternoon and she dozed off! Aahhh, Debra x

Hi Debs, Thank you. I adore all my animals and I cried buckets when I found her. I was able to dig her little grave and stroke her when she was put in, put OH kindly did the rest for me. Not sure about getting a boy as we don't really want baby geese. Well, I do but we can't! Debra x

Hi Deborah, She definately like company and has been sitting on the door mat waiting for us. She followed me around the garden when I was cutting the grass this afternoon, so I really think she needs a little friend. Debra x

Mean Mom said...

So sorry about Goosey Lucy, but glad that the others are OK. Hope you can find another little friend for Gertie.

Breezy said...

Oh no poor Lucy! and poor you. I hope you find a Lucy 2 or even a Luke.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

How sad - hope both your broken hearts mend soon.

Debra in France said...

Hi Mean Mom, Breezy and MOB, thank you for your kind thoughts. Debra x