Monday, 28 April 2008

Busy, busy, busy

What a week it's been. I haven't stopped, mind you neither has OH. The week before last I was helping some friends make a lawn. OH had rotovated the whole area for us on the Saturday, then myself and the owners raked all the weeds out of it, raked it level, sowed grass seed and raked it again! It was really hard work over such a huge area. I was raking in my sleep! My back and neck were killing me, but it was worth it in the end. The friends I was helping are great fun and we had a good laugh doing it.

On the Sunday (20th) we went to the plant fair at Mortemart. It was a beautiful setting, all around the chateau, but it was pouring with rain. I treated myself to a Spirea and a Salix. They look lovely planted by the decking. There were lots of nice crafts there, but the prices were really steep.

Last week was spent hairdressing and helping OH finish his tiling job south of Limoges. He has done a fantastic job, but it was really hard going. The owner is thrilled with it all, which is the main thing.

Well, we went to this 'do' with friends. It was as boring as we though it would be. At least it wasn't a sit down meal. There was a buffet and at least there were some other people we knew. The hosts virtually ignored us all evening and stayed with their 'new' friends (maybe they are as fed up with us as we are with them!). We made our excuses at about 11pm and escaped!

I am off to the UK on the 10th May for 4 days. I have mixed feelings about going, I want to see family and friends, but hate the thought of being in the mad hussle and bustle of the UK. I am staying with OH parents who live in the same village that we used to live in. I will catch up with my Dad while I am there, I realised recently that I hadn't seen him for 3 years - where does time go. He won't come over here, in fact since mum died he hasn't gone anywhere. I will also go and see my Auntie who came over here a couple of times last year. It's funny how dofferent people can be. She lost her husband 7 years ago and has thrown herself into everything. She is chairman of her local British Legion, plays bowls and goes for day trips. Her and my dad couldn't be more different.

We have had 3 days of 25.5 degrees bright sunshine, I have burnt my shoulders gardening, given myself a bad back from mowing other peoples grass (ok they were clients and I got paid for it, but my back still hurts!) and planted lots of seeds. Now we are back to rain and grey sky. Is spring ever going to arrive?

On a happy note, we are off to Les Herolles market tomorrow to get some more chickens!!!!! I am so excited. One of my hair clients goes there and she has got some gorgeous birds. We need pretty ones who are good layers, which is exactly what a friend of ours says he looks for in a woman!


softinthehead said...

Hi Debra glad to hear you have been busy with your businesses. I noticed your ads in the English circular while I was there. I always pick up a copy and we managed to get hold of a second hand generator through it. Not that it is helping my roofers (see my last post). Glad to hear from you. I didn't realise the Mortemart plant sale was on 20th, we could have managed to sneak over before we set off for Paris although any plans would be lost on our site at the moment :)

Debra in France said...

Hi SITH, I find the etcetera magazine really useful, all my hairdressing clients have come from there. I hope your roofing plans get sorted soon. It must be so frustrating for you. Bon courage xx

Breezy said...

More chooks yippee

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

My you are busy - and life sounds pretty good on the whole. Glad you escaped early-ish from the "friends". M :-)

Debra in France said...

Hi Mothers place, I am glad we escaped early as well. Our closest friends were their as well and they escaped 20 mins after us. They said that they were bored senseless as well. I am glad it was not just us!