Monday, 25 February 2008

Hairdressing Course

Well, I did my course today and it was brilliant!!!!

I got there nice and early. I am a bit obsessed with being early, in fact last night OH asked what time I would be getting up this morning, and then he said 'don't tell me, 5am!' It wasn't actually, it was 6.30am but I had been awake for half an hour before that! I just hate being rushed, and feel really anxious if I think I am running late. I think it comes from 25 years of working to appointments, and feeling really bad if I keep clients waiting.

Anyway, I got to the place where the course was being held and met up with the people running it (formateurs). I had a coffee with them and helped them bring it some of their euipment. Then other hairdressers started arriving and everyone exchanged bonjours and ca-va's.

There were 2 models being demo-ed during this morning, one using techniques I use often, and the other doing something new. They were using a Italian product range which I had never heard of before. The demos were run slightly differently to English courses I had been on and those which I had run myself. In the UK the trainer talks to the model beforehand and decides what is going to be done and why. It is then demo-ed to the students checking that they understand and answering their questions. Here we were all encouraged to give our opinions on colours and techniques.

After lunch we had models to work on. Mine was Jessica who was a student on the course. She had tinted brown hair and wanted something a bit different. I put slices of bleach through her hair and these were isolated in meche. Then I used a very dark ash brown over the rest of her hair. Near the end of development time I took the mech out of her hair (they were a light blonde) and just emuslified the ash brown through the bleached meche to tone them down to a caramel colour. I dried it all for her, and straightened it using irons and then cut a short fringe for her. We were both really pleased with the result.

The afternoon was better for me as I prefer practical sessions. In the morning as we were watching and listening I didn't really have the opportunity to chat to anyone after the initial bit where we had to introduce ourselves to the group and say a bit about ourselves. It was nice to chat to people in the afternoon.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definately do another course if the opportunity arose.


dND said...

Congratulations Debra

It must feel really good to be able to participate on equal terms like that. It is my goal. At the moment I am still in the 'Officer Crabtree' mold (from 'Allo 'Allo if you watched that), I murder the French language. It might take time as I'm usually working on my own, but I'm determined to get there eventually.

Glad Misty is fine too and you must be happy - no kittens to worry about either


softinthehead said...

It sounds like fun, and I am also impressed with your ability to take it all in, in a different language. I too long for the day when I am fluent. A bit of practice might not go amiss. I keep meaning to watch TV5 here for an hour a day but it doesn't happen. Well done you!

Breezy said...

Well done Debra! I bet you are walking on air

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Great stuff, Debra, sounds like a really good day. M xx

aims said...

Hey Debra - you can do my hair any day! Now the question is - who flies where?

Living the Dream said...

Hey Debra, well done. The only thing that intrigues me is why the models didn't go for red hair?? The french love it, you love it, it would have been perfect.
A bientot

Debra in France said...

Good Moaning dnd! I am pissed to ear from you! I love officer Crabtree. I must remember to tell our French teacher about 'allo allo'. She is bi-lingual with an enlgish dad, so we will get the jokes. I had a french lesson last night during which the phone rang and I had to speak in French. When I came off the phone, Linda gave me a big thumbs up and said 'pas d'erreur'. I had made no mistakes!!! Yippee!

Hi SITH, I wish I was fluent. I get the gist of the conversations without understanding every single word. However I can recognise different verb tenses now (no mean feat as they all sound so similar) and pronouns which makes understanding much easier.

Hi B and Mothers Place, I have to say I am chuffed with myself.

Hi Aims, well, I have never been to Canada .... but I would have to wait until the warmer weather arrives!

Hi Haze, two of the other models went for red and burgundy, but Jessica wanted lighter colours.