Sunday, 24 February 2008

Busy week

I don't feel like I've stopped this week. I took Misty to the vets on Monday to have her girdle and stitches removed, she was very good and is looks much better now. Unfortunately the bandage had stuck to her fur so not only has she got a little bald tummy, but a little bare patch on one side as well. She is still as cute as anything and still cuddly.

I had some new hairdressing clients this week. All really nice and a whole family living in the next village as well. We never even knew they were there!

The weather has been glorious so I have been gardening as well this week. I have dug out another barrow load of roots, these will be taken up to Breezy's place later today. I have moved plants around and feel very happy with it all. I can't wait for things to start sprouting.

I am going on my first French hairdressing course tomorrow. It is about specialist coloring techniques. I am really excited as I will get to meet other hairdressers and learn French hairdressing terminology. There is theory and a demo in the morning and then we work on models in the afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have a bridal trial to do on Friday afternoon. She is getting married in May and wants her hair put up. I love doing bridal hair, I get to be really creative and of course the photos are around for the rest of their lives, so my work gets to be seen for ages! It is a real honour to be such a big part of someones wedding day.


softinthehead said...

My daughter trained as a hairdresser and she used to love the wedding appointments doing the "up-do's" as she called them. Sounds like you have really settled into life over there, I am so envious.

Debra in France said...

Honestly, being a hairdresser is fantastic. I love doing hair-up, but I found that in the salon the only stressful bit was when the bride and her mum would come for the hair-up trial. The bride would know what she wanted and liked, and the mum would be often be really picky and a pain in the ass.

Hairdressing is great - you get to meet loads of other people, they tell you all sorts of intersting things (after all everyone has a dfferent life), and you get to make people feel really good about themselves. They all go away with a happy face :-)

Maggie May said...

Poor Misty! I had a little cat called by the same name not so long ago. She was really sweet.
I used to be a hairdresser years & years ago when I was really young! I was never as dedicated to it as you are though! Enjoy your course & the bridal hair do! Good luck with it all.

aims said...

Is it really hard to stand all day and hold your arms in the air? I always feel sorry for hairdressers because of that...I feel like they must ache all over..

My arms get tired whenever I paint my hair...and yes - of course it's red!

Living the Dream said...

Hi Debra, Pleased to hear that Misty is doing OK, bless her. Good news about the hairdressing course, you are going to love that. As you say everyone has a different life and we are all lucky to be part of this blogging family to hear all about theirs.
Luv Hazel

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

How busy and lovely your life is this week - hope you enjoy it. M x

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie May, my little Misty is a little sweetie. When she wakes up in the morning she jumps on the bed and walks up to my face and nuzzles my chin. I just adore her and she gets away with murder because of it!

Hi Aims, when I first started hairdressing I found it was back that ached all day. You also soon learn to wear comfortable shoes and never, ever wear a brand new pair!

Hi Haze, I love dealing with clients. Eveyone has a sifferent story to tell.

Hi Mothers Place, When I get weeks like these I really love my life!