Friday, 8 February 2008

2nd update

Well, went to the vets this morning. Bandage and stitches are still in place, but they removed some padding from underneath her girdle! Back to the vets on the 18th for the stitches. At least she can go outside and play again now. Just as well as it has been a glorious day with 20 degrees of full sunshine. It was great to be able to open all the doors and windows and air the house.


dND said...

Gosh, they didn't bother with bandages in the UK for any of my cats. I'm impressed that she's not ripped them off.

Hasn't the weather been glorious - but I'm not tempted to get my geraniums out or storage just yet though

Breezy said...

Debra I'm really glad that young Misty is OK although surprised at the huge bandage. I really didn't need to know it was 20 degrees though!

Living the Dream said...

Hello, so pleased that Misty is getting along OK. Little poppet, how cute and vulnerable she looks with her girdle on. Surprised, because they don't put anything on in the UK do they? What a glorious day we have had today, we went to Spain to do a bit of shopping and had the most fabulous picnic in the sunshine and got a little sunburned. Talk again soon. Have a good weekend. We had missed your blogs, good tohave you back, after all, it was you that started me, it's addictive

Debra in France said...

hi dnd, it's such a huge bandage, we couldn't believe it when we saw her. She hasn't bothered with it at all. I love this weather, all my crocuses are in full flower and little daffs ready to burst.

Hi Breezy, we are relieved she is ok as well. The bandage is bizarre though.

Hi Hazel, How lovely to be able to pop to Spain to do a bit of shopping! I love blogging too, but I just don't have the time to write everyday. It's definitely addictive!