Sunday, 24 June 2007

A New Addition

A completely unexpected arrival this week was a tiny kitten. She was the runt of a litter from a house that a friend who is an immobilier (estate agent) was selling. She was half the size of all the others in the litter, and getting weaker each day. Enter me - Mrs Soft Touch and Soppy. I couldn't not take her home. She was and is so tiny, she happily sits in the palm of my hand for a snooze. She or he is 6 weeks old. We are going for a check up at the vets tomorrow, and then we can pick a name for him or her. In the 4 days she has been here, her fur has really fluffed out, she is eating really well and racing about like mad.

She is grey, very fluffy, with white tips on her back paws and on her chest. Her favourite toys are little balls made from kitchen roll. She is using her litter tray but has not yet mastered the art of walking away from her poo, hence me washing her bum and paws after each visit to the litter tray. She loves her tummy being tickled and is proving to be very adventurous - something that will give me no end of grey hairs!! I am totally besotted, it is all I can talk about, and as our friends 2 doors up have got Mimo, a stunning, fluffy, grey tabby kitchen, I can see that we will be discussing our new kittens and comparing poo sizes - well, isn't that what new parents do?


Karen said...

I don't think they should meet Mimo already thinks she is the toughest cat in the world thanks to us having the wimpyest dog in the world. Loz wants to know if the kitten has started it's undercover training yet (men are aweful)

Debra in France said...

She wouldn't pass as a rat anymore she is too fluffy! Maybe an undercover cuddly toy or a teddy bear!! He/she has already killed several tissues in preparation for advanced kitten training. Thank you so much for kitten sitting on saturday night, it was really appreciated.