Monday, 4 June 2007

Mice and Men!!

Well, we were woken up at 4am this morning by our youngest cat, Jemima. She decided that our bedroom was the bestest place to bring a live mouse and play with it. OH got out of bed and she raced downstairs with it in her mouth. He hadn't even made it back to his side of the bed when she was back in the room throwing it all around the place! Repeat this sequence twice more just for fun, then she got the hint.

Monday is the day we have our French lesson. Our teacher is in her mid 20's with a great sense humour. We always have a good laugh with her, and as she is bi-lingual she likes to keep her English up to date as well. We make sure we throw in a few colloquial English sayings as well. She can now say 'the road was like a dogs back leg' and 'I'm going to take a sickie on Friday'. We have just started with an Intermediate level book, but the first few exercises are revising some topics from the last book.

Weather is miserable this afternoon and I can't believe that we are still lighting the log burner on the 4th of June. Out of our 3 cats, we have a male (Josh) with thick, long fur and he is still sitting in the garden thinking it is sunny - it takes a thunderstorm for him to realise that it is raining! C'est dingue - It's mad. The chickens are definitely not impressed with the weather - soggy feathers is not a fetching look for a chicken. But, being the soppy person I am, I just want to wrap them in a warm towel and bring them indoors. OH reckons they would S**t all over the place, he says cat sick and half eaten mice are as far as he will go, so, soggy chooks they will stay.

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Anonymous said...

Its bad enough trying to find anywhere open now Deb's without you teaching the locals to throw sickies in two languages.