Monday, 4 June 2007

Converts to the cause

Josh: 15 this year and definitely in touch with his feminine side. He takes his role as head of the house very seriously and mothers any new kittens that come into the house. He is convinced that he is still a kitten and lists tripping people up and sitting in the sun as among his favourite pastimes.

Rosie: 8 this year, and winner of this summers 'top mouser' award. Most spectacular was the dead mouse that she dropped in my lap while I was sitting in bed devouring toast and marmite! She enjoys coming in late for breakfast, eating 'al fresco' and major tummy rubs.

Jemima: Born on new years day 2001, this one can wrap everyone round her little finger. One little squeak and we all rush to do her bidding! She runs everywhere at top speed, is chief investigator of all new things; cupboards, drawers, mirrors. She doesn't share her mice, but will often leave the tail for you - apparently this is not the tastiest bit of a mouse.

Chickens with a superiority complex:
Daisy Crockett

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