Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I met SITH!

Kim from Soft in the Head blog came over to France last week, and as her house is not too far from me we took the opportunity to meet up for lunch. She is lovely and had some wonderful photos of all the work being done on her house. It look great at the moment and when everything is finished - WOW!

It was great to meet up with someone with whom you have shared so much but only through blogging. We had a lovely lunch at La Maison Bleue in Le Dorat and a really good chat. Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to meet up Kim, I hope to see you again.

The weather here has been wonderful, although today which is Bastille Day here in France and a national holiday it has been raining on and off since late last night. Misty woke me at 5am but trying to dig to the centre of the earth in her litter tray, and it was raining then. Still it is great for the garden, the ground has been like concrete.

We are off to watch a stage of the Tour de France today with Juley and Paul. The Tour is going from Limoges to Issoudun. We have been following it avidly on the TV and there are a couple of fantastic British riders in it this year. Bradley Wiggins is an Olympic gold medallist and is currently lying 5th in the General Classification and Mark Cavendish who is a phenomenal sprinter and who has won 2 stages already. We are packing a picnic and hoping that the rain stops, not that it will spoil our enjoyment, it would just be nicer to be dry.

Ian and I went to the Journee Artisanale in Le Dorat on Sunday. What a great day out it was. Loads of local craftspeople open their studios or have stalls to display and sell things they have made. There were some wonderful things. Penny had a stall and I bought some wool and some coasters from her. Ian treated me to 2 of her bags as well. There were some fabulous jewellery stands and I was treated to a beautiful Limoges enamel pendant and some fabulous gold earrings. Limoges is famous for its enamelwork and it is a real speciality of the city. The earrings were made by a lady who takes leaves and dips them in gold or silver. They are so delicate and look great. There were also lots of food stands and lots of local fruit and veg. I bought a kilo of new season garlic (we use loads of it!) and some savoury tarts. We met up with some friends for a drink in one of the cafe/bars and sat people watching for a while. The brass band was playing and it was the most wonderful atmosphere.

Misty is really on the mend now. She is eating really well and walking around and climbing up onto the bed. Her bad leg is still very weak, but she is doing brilliantly. Another week and we will let her into the rest of the house, but not outside yet. Not until she regains some strength in her leg.


Maggie May said...

Its always interesting to hear how you got on with a fellow blogger! Glad you enjoyed the visit with Softinthehead.....Kim.

Glad to hear that little Misty is doing so well.

Living the Dream said...

How great to meet up with SITH, I don't know why but I thought you knew her already. It just goes to show how friendly everyone sounds in the blogging world. Of course, I have you to thank for getting me into this. So pleased Misty is on the mend, Smokey is very good with little kitten (Sophie)and she is a real part of the family now. It doesn't take long does it before they claim your hearts? A photo on the blog of my kitties.

softinthehead said...

Debra - it WAS lovely to meet up and have a good long chat, and over a lovely lunch too!! Just got back home and am shattered. Will up date my blog soon with photos. Best wishes to you and Misty:)

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie, It was strange meeting someone that you knew so much about, but had no idea what they looked like!

Hi Hazel,I love your little Sophie, and Im glad that Smokey is getting on well with her. Our Rosie disliked Misty from the second she laid eyes on her and would just hiss and run off. At least she tolerates her how!

Hi Kim, Glad that you got home ok, what a long journey it must have been.

aims said...

You met SITH!!! Oh! How lucky you two are to soon be living close to each other!

Lucky for both of you! Did you talk about your knitting? How goes that btw?!

*still smiling for both of you - and Misty too*