Thursday, 25 June 2009

Poor little Misty

My gorgeous little Misty Mitten has had a bad accident and broken her hip. She came in a 2am on Monday screaming and yelling, climbed onto the bed and slept on me for a few hours, then got off and slept under the bed. She was very stiff in the morning and we found some grazes on one back leg, but she seemed to be able to walk, albeit very stiffly and awkwardly. She stayed in our room all day with food, water and a toilet, and seemed at bit more comfortable Monday evening and the next morning. We though she had maybe fallen out of a tree and had badly sprained or bruised herself.

However, when we got home from work on Tuesday afternoon she couldn't put any weight on her back legs and was dragging them behind her. We rushed her to the vets in Bellac, who I have to say are fantastic. He took one look at her and said that they needed to keep her overnight and do x-rays and tests. We got home 20 mins later and after another 10 minutes they phoned to say she had broken her hip, they couldn't put it in a cast and she would have to be kept in for a month.

I was able to collect her at 11am the next morning. She looked very sorry for herself and was in a lot of pain. We have been able to borrow a large cage from a friend's mum. It is large enough to contain her cat box, a litter tray and her food and water. She was uncomfortable yesterday afternoon and early evening. She didn't know where to put herself. It was quite wam as well and after a while she preferred to lie on the hard, plastic tray on the cage floor. We sat with her all evening last night, and that seemed to comfort her. We gave her her pain killers about 6pm and they seemed to help a bit. She slept all night and didn't wake at all.

We just feel so helpless. We can't explain to her that she needs to stay still or that it will get better. We can only comfort her and sit with her so that she knows she is not alone. I had to go out yesterday afternoon and my friend Juley came to cat sit. She was brilliant, and it was so nice to know that Misty wasn't alone on her first afternoon. Thanks Juley, you are a star.


dND said...

As you say, Poor Misty. I would say give her a cuddle from me but I think she wouldn't appreciate that at the moment so please just give here some gentle strokes on my behalf and I hope she's feeling much better very soon.

Deborah x

Debra in France said...

Hi Deborah, thank you for your good wishes. She hasn't come out of her cat box yet, or eaten anything. She must be really tired and uncomfortable. I will give her some soft strokes for you and more than a few from me. I hope you are well. Debra xx

Maggie May said...

Poor little Misty. I hope she recovers very soon. Aren't cats brave? They don't make a fuss like we do.

I spent hundreds of pounds on one of my cats as he kept getting hit by cars. Broke his legs several times and his jaw. He lived to be 21 even though he had an obsession about going into the road!

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie, gosh, your cat certainly had 9 lives! I am hoping that this puts Misty off of the road. The vet thought it was a car that had hit her. She was so lucky to be alive if that is the case. I can't believe that she came all the way home, came upstairs, jumped on the bed all with a broken hip. She is calmer today, she hasn't got out of her cat box yet, but she has just eaten some lunch.

softinthehead said...

It will be tough trying to keep her in for a month! Hope she feels better soon.

aims said...

Oh girl - you've made me cry. You know how I am with cats.

I hope her days get easier sooner than later.

I know how precious she is to you.

Living the Dream said...

Oh poor little Misty, give her a virtual hug from me. We have now been adopted by a tiny, tiny kitten we think between 5 and 7 weeks old, very skinny but will now be held and cuddled by us. I will put more photos on my blog later. Take care Debra, love to Ian

Debra in France said...

Hi Sith, Aims and Hazel, thank you so much for your good wishes. We had both shed several tears over our little Misty. Even in the vets I was in tears, she had a mouth ulcer and he said he would check for AIDS. We told him that she had been vacinated and he said there were 2 types and one could not be vacinated against - boy did the tears flow then.