Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gettin' knitty with it!

I have definitely got the knitting bug. It now seems strange to sit and watch tv in the evenings without having some knitting to do. So, you can imagine how I felt when I had finished my two projects without having another to go onto!!! Thank goodness the wool I had ordered on Friday arrived on Tuesday morning, very speedy service I must say.

I have taken photos of first two knitting projects. They are both the same pattern, which had been given to me by Penny, The Pearly Queen. She had two balls of a lovely beigy/creamy chunky wool which I fell in love with, but there was not enough to do a whole garment. Looking on Kemps Wool site I saw that they also did a lilac version of the same wool. I ordered some of the lilac and some cream yarn. The plan was to make one gilet totally out of the lilac yarn and another one from the beigy one and the cream one together (well, two rows of each).
I loved knitting them, and love wearing them. They were knitted on 10mm needles, which meant that they 'grew' quickly. The pattern was very simple, although I needed help when it came to edging the armholes, I had never 'picked up' stitches before. The yarn is gorgeously soft and snuggly but at the same time very light in weight. It would make a lovely summer jumper for those slightly chilly evenings.

I am now making a jumper for myself from a wool that when knitted looks like Fairisle but without all the hassle, and a new wooly hat for Ian. I have also got some fabulous aqua coloured cotton yarn that I am looking for a pattern for.

Spring is certainly on its way here in the Limousin. My little Iris Reticulata are flowering their hearts out and the crocuses should open any day now.


softinthehead said...

Me too Debra - I am back on the knitting kick, especially now in grandmother to be mode, love making baby clothes because the results are so immediate. I have also got a lovely pattern for a vest with a collar (for me) that just has a wooden pin to close it, I will post a picture when I am done. To answer your question on my blog, I have been to Le Dorat, one Sunday morning when it was like a ghost town. Will definitely have to check it out again.

Maggie May said...

It is a lovely hobby and very relaxing and you have some great things to show at the end of it. The hyacinth is coming on too!

aims said...

How much cotton yarn do you have?

I've got tons of patterns!

You could let me know what you are looking for and I could pick a couple out for you. I don't mind.

Also - let me know the weight - it's probably DK weight...but if it isn't ....

Debra in France said...

Hi SITH, I bet you are having a lovely time making baby clothes. I am looking forward to seeing yout vest when you finish. Unfortunately all French towns are like ghost towns on Sundays (no Sunday opening), lunchtimes (they all close for lunch) and after 7pm.

Hi Maggie, It is great to have a productive hobby.

Hi aims, I have 900 grams of Jaeger Aqua DK. I am not sure what I am looking for but it is such lovely yarn I would like somthing nice. Perhaps a pretty summer jumper, you know, for cool evenings, or a little vest top. It is really kind of you to look for a pattern for me, thank you so much Debra x

Mean Mom said...

Your knitted garments look great and the fairisle wool sounds very interesting.

The last thing I knitted was a pair of combinations, in one twelfth scale, for the male doll in my Victorian dolls' house. I had to be really careful, because the wool was very easy to split, with the pointy needles.

I like to cross stitch and watch tv, but I've had to give my eyes a rest for the last few months.

aims said...

Hey Debra - do you know how to do lace work - like eyelet stitches etc.? I think I might have something that has a bit of open work on the bottom - can you contact me through my contact me link on my blog and give me your address? I'll scan somethings and send them over.

Debra in France said...

Hi Mean Mom, I like cross stitch too but haven't done any for ages. The light in our lounge isn't very good for detail work, mind you, neither are my eyes! xx

Hi Aims, I have never done lace work, but I can learn! Will contact you via your blog xx

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I learned to knit when I was at school and I loved it but I have forgotten so much in forty years. It is therapeutic just to sit and click away - a magnificent stress reliever. I think you have found a great way to have fun and make great unique clothes. Debra – you were so complimentary on my blog the other day – it almost moved me to tears at your kindness! Thank you for such generosity.

Debra in France said...

Hi MOB, my mum was a wonderful knitter. She always made us gorgeous clothes when we were little, not to mention my dolls clothes as well. She taught me to knit, but I was never really comfortable with her way of holding the yarn in the right hand and throwing it over the needles. When I was in my teens a girl I worked with showed her way of holding the yarn in your left hand and 'picking' it of the needles. It was perfect for me. Funny how different ways suit different people.

Your blog entry Ten Pound Pom moved me to tears when I read it. I meant every word I said. Love and hugs Debra xx

Living the Dream said...

Hey Debra, how lovely for you to have a hobby. I am desperately trying to get back to my quilting but the room is rather cold, so I have been knitting as well. Just finished a little shrug for one of the twins but I never thought to take a photo of it and I sent it to Vicki yesterday. I will have to make another one if it fits so I will take one then. Have you read the book Divas Don't Knit. FABULOUS. Very easy reading but such good fun. I need to find the site where you get your wool from, I love Debbie Bliss yarns so it would be good if they sold that.

French Fancy said...

Your gilets look lovely. I used to love knitting but sadly the last jumper I made (last year) was a great project to do but when I tried on the finished article and took a photo of myself in it, I looked the size of a house and just chucked it in the cupboard never to be worn again. That has sort of put me off.


Love the knitting you are doing well they will keep you nice and warm in thewinter.
read the bridges of madison county it was good and couldent believe it the day i got the book it was on tv
Going to get feb book now
happy knitting and reading