Tuesday, 11 November 2008

At last another post

Sorry for my absence, but I have just been uninspired to write anything for ages, and thare is still not much to write about.

Summer is over, and after a gorgeous Indian summer we are now well and truly into autumn. Both log burners are lit in the evening and the house is lovely and toasty. We have had quite alot of rain lately and the chickens have been looking very soggy, but they are still producing delicious eggs every day. The baby chickens are growing, but are not laying yet. We were a bit annoyed, as we had asked the man on the market for females only, but have got one male Silkie (white) and possibly a male Penkin Bantam (black). Only the white one is crowing, but the black one definately looks like a cockerel. Oh well, we may have more babies next year!

OH has been working hard for a lovely lady called Penny about 30 mins away from us. She is a real crochet queen and has said that she will teach me in return for a haircut or two. I can't wait. The work she produces is absolutely stunning. She uses the most beautiful yarns, and has even written a book about crocheting bags and purses. She showed me her collection of bags and things, and OH has said if I am lucky Father Christmas might get me one! I put a small selection aside so that he would know which ones I like.

OH's mum is coming over a week on Saturday for a 4 day visit. We are really looking forward to seeing her.

Ages ago I mentioned my friends Maggie and Alan whom I met when doing Maggies hair. They were over in France again this summer and we had some great days together. They have finally sold their house in the UK and will be over here permanantly before christmas! Yippee! I can't wait to see more of them. Mags is a real 'craft' person, she can make all sorts of things and we have lots of plans for sewing, days, baking days, gardening days etc. We are going to be really busy.


Maggie May said...

I find crochet a bit harder to follow on patterns than knitting. However I have made some lovely blankets and things like that. The granddaughters love to wrap up warm!
Aren't there some lovely yarns about at the moment?

Funny how inspiration for blogging comes in fits and starts. Thats how it goes for all of us! Artistic personalities, up & down LOL!

Glad your friends are coming to live near you.
Great name she has! LOL

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie, I haven't crocheted since I was at school and can't wait to start. I used to knit alot ad could follow a pattern quite well. However, I knit with the yarn and the knitting in my left hand which mum always said made my stitches back to front!

I can't wait for Maggie and Alan to live here. Isn't it funny the way you meet people. I did her hair and really clicked, and now I feel like I have know her for years, although we are still elarning about each other.

Frankofile said...

you comment 'we are still elarning about each other' - what a good coining. I'm e-larning lots! And it's good to have you back.

Debra in France said...

Hi Frankofile, ooops, thats my mind going quicker than I can type! Yes, I am e-larning loads all the time too. :-)

farming-frenchstyle said...

Great to have you back - we've missed you lots.