Thursday, 10 July 2008


Sorry for my absence everyone. I have been flying solo around the world and only just got back. I was the skipper on a round the world yacht where all the crew looked like Aragorn (from Lord of the Rings) - tough job but someone's got to do it! No really, I have just finished my astronaut training and am waiting for a date for the next shuttle mission. Actually you'll be surprised to hear that I haven't done any of those, but they sound much more interesting that day to day life in Us-in-Franceland.

We have been enjoying the good weather lately and had the chance to lie by the pool on our new 'treat to us' sunloungers. Gertie Goose loves them too, and sits with us whenever we are lying there. She likes to nibble the cushions, our toes, fingers, books, my ponytail - the list goes on. She is a real 'people' goose.

The two little goslings are growing fast. For a while they were called Gertie and the Shit-ettes as they produced mountains of poo on the patio. OH has now built a nice little gate and fence to keep them of the patio. They now poo everywhere else! They are actually called Merry and Pip after the hobbits in Lord of the Rings. They are really cute still, growing really fast and absolutely HATE being picked up. Gertie on the other hand loves it and will happily sit on my lap.

On the whole things are going great in Us-in-Franceland. We are both working, my hairdressing business is getting busier each month, the garden is looking good, the tomato plants have actually got fruit on them, as have the chilis. I may dig up some spuds this weekend as we have some friends coming over on Monday evening. I planted some new potatoes a few weeks ago - a little late I hear you say. Well, yes, you are right. Alain had given me some chitted La Rattes and some red skinned ones ages ago. I put them in the cellar to stay nice and cool, and there they stayed - yep, I forgot all about them, until one day something caught my eye down there and the shoots were a foot tall!! Hence the late planting.

Gertie, Misty and Primrose were all very helpful on planting day. There I was on my hands and knees digging around with a trowel clearing weeds and making little trenches. Misty was jumping all over my hands thinking it was all a game, Primrose the chicken was inspecting every bit of turned earth for worms and grubs, and Gertie was taking all the weeds and grass OUT of the bucket, and when she got bored with that she would pull at my bootlaces. All in all it was like being in a carry on film!


Wooly Works said...


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's been "missing in action" this spring and summer. Your little goslings sound adorable and I love their names--both sets of names. I'm also so happy to hear that your trip was a good one. Visiting family can be a harrowing experience and it's always a nice surprise when it all turns out so well.

aims said...

Yes - life in Us-in-France sounds pretty idyllic! I'm very happy for you...but jealous that you are able to use the pool.

Mine went up and the temp of the water will not rise above 70F and the sun won't come out and it won't stop raining. Dammit!

softinthehead said...

Welcome back to blogland, you have been missed. Although it doesn't like we have. As aims says it sounds idyllic and I am very envious. If you ever fancy a run out to look at a house having its roof replaced somewhere north west of you, just let me know!!!

Debra in France said...

Hi Wooly, it's been good to read you blog as well - you have been so busy. I adore my goslings, they are so cute, mind you Gertie is huge now. It was great to see family again and my mother in law spoilt me rotten.

Hi Aims, we have had several days lately when the temperature has been 30 degrees. Last week the pool temp was 28! Nice but not really refreshing.

Hi SITH, I would love to come and visit!!! Let me know when you are next here and I will be over like a shot. You are always welcome to Us-in-Franceland as well!