Monday, 28 July 2008

Bloody geese

Well, we have had to fence off the vegetable patch to stop the marauding invaders trampling everything in sight.

I had put canes all around it, and stretched nylon netting about 2/3rd of a metre tall all around it. That'll stop them I thought. I checked the progress of my tomatoes everyday, and started to feel excited as a little batch of cherry toms were ripening nicely. Then, one morning they had disappeared. Couldn't possibly be my lovely geese I thought, they can't get through the net. Although Misty can get under she doesn't like tomatoes. I was puzzled. Well, later that day I discovered it WAS the geese. They trample over the netting like toddlers wearing oversized flippers, they had a good look around then trampled off! Bloody geese!

OH and I have now made a good sturdy enclosure around my precious veg. Heavy duty wire fencing a metre high. The wire doesn't let geese or chooks in, but allows Misty to get in. It's a little safe haven for her if she is being chased by a goose. Actually, she lets them chase here, runs into the veg plot, stops just inside and walks up and down taunting them!

So now the toms are ripening nicely, broad beans are podding - although not as many as I had hoped for, beetroot, chilis and aubergines and spuds growing well.

I had a rare trip to the garden centre in Limoges on Saturday. The border under our lounge windows was looking really shabby. All the californian poppies had finished and looked really messy. Time for a few purchases I thought. I came back with 2 lovely dark purple penstemons, 2 white echinaceas, 3 pretty salvias, a pink hydrangea, a lovely tall blue grass and a penisetum rubrum (an ornamental millet, dark, with lovely long tufty bits). I had a great afternoon moving stuff around, clearing and planting. The penisetum looked fabulous swaying in the breeze.

I was up and about nice and early this morning, went to look at all my lovely plants and thought 'whats that stumpy looking lump?' it's only the penisetum chewed down to a little stump of brown grass by some bloody long necked grey bird!!!

Roast goose for Christmas anyone?!


Carol and Chris said...

Oh no....they ate all your lovely new plants!! (Those geese of yours really are wee buggers!!!)

C x

aims said...

I'm sorry - really I am - but I laughed and laughed.

And here I was envying all you guys with your geese!


Living the Dream said...

I'm trying not to smile, but a twitch is appearing on the right hand side, sorry. What a good job you are a veggie otherwise I would really worry for those geese. I bet your border looks lovely,even with a stump grass

Breezy said...

It's got to be a lot easier fencing in veg than chickens and geese why did I never think of that?

Debra in France said...

Oy you lot! DON'T laugh at them, you'll only encourage them! I also HAD (please note past tense) some lovely big flower heads on the echinacea as well.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Just catching up. Lovely plants - shame about the geese! M :-)