Friday, 18 April 2008

Cream crackered

Have I really got a day off today? Wait, check the diary....... yes, I have!

I am so tired my poor fingers can barely type, and my brain keeps missing letters so I have to type each word twice. The past 2 weeks have been really busy with hairdressing and gardening (for other people). The gardening has been really hard work. Last December OH and I rotovated a garden for some friends. It was all weeds and they wanted a huge lawn area. The plan was to rotovate, let the frost break things up a bit, then the friends would rake all the weeds out. Bit of a cock up there. We didn't have much in the way of a cold snap, but tons of rain. This compacted all the soil and we were back to square one. So myself and our friends last week decided to start digging out the weeds. We did a day and then decided to get OH back to rotovate, which he did on Saturday.

Myself and the friends have spent Mon, Tues and Weds this week raking all the weeds out, raking it level (ish), sowing grass seed and raking it in again. My rake is welded to my hands,am raking in my sleep, where I dream of raking!!!! My neck, back, hands and arms are moulded into a raking position and constantly ache. Still it is done, we have promised ourselves that once the lawn is grown and ready will be will drinking copious amounts of Pimms on it.

Yesterday I working wih OH grouting loads of tiles for him. He has got a really shitty tiling job where 4 out of 5 tiles have to be cut, and it is in a really awkward place because the owner didn't want anything moved out of the way and it is a 45 min journey to get there. I really feel for him on this one. At least I can grout for him him and keep him company. He has been doing really long days there as it is not worth going for just a morning. He has been getting home at 8.30pm and is pooped. Then on the way home last night we had to pick up 24 sheets of plasterboard for his next job - they are heavier that you think.

At least we have a fairly easy day today - drop of the plaserboard, go to the hairdressing wholesalers, oops I have got a client later today, then collapse in front of the fire or have a long, hot beetroot bath. Beetroot bath is what one of my friends used to call it. You know, it's so hot your skin goes the colour of a beetroot!

Then working tomorrow afternoon (more hairdressing), off to look at someones garden to do a quote for looking after it.

We are missing our Guest Chickens, the garden is very empty without them. I chuckled when I read Breezy's blog about them escaping. I haven't really laid a trail of tit-bits down the road to my gate, honest!!!


Stinking Billy said...

debs, I have never liked gardening, probably because my old man had me in ours every day, weeding and 'turning over' when he came back from the war. My hands were permanently blistered but I was young (15) and I wouldn't now accuse him of being unfair to me.

However, Your post has finally removed any lingering doubt or regret I may have been nurturing.

I hate it, for sure. ;-)

Living the Dream said...

Hello, wow what a few days you have had, I certainly don't envy your raking job. I thought I was bad enough having to plant my fruit trees with a pick axe because the ground was so hard! At least that didn't last for days, though very hard at the time and you end the day saying, "I didn't know I had muscles there" Enjoying my time in the UK with my family, but really missing being home. You just can't please some people can you?
Take care
Luv Hazel xxxxx

Debra in France said...

Hi Billy, I love gardening, but have to finally admit that I am not really fit enough for all this 'heavy' stuff. When we came to France I set up doing garden maintenance, not really realising that everyone here has at least an acre! I only had a tiny garden in the UK, but it was stuffed full of plants.
How naive I was to think I could match Charlie Dimmock! Mind you, OH says I do in some ways!!

Hi Hazel, I ache all over, and I can certainly empathize with you diging holes with a pick axe! Glad you are having a lovely time, but it is always nice to get back home. Lots of love to you all Debra xx

Mean Mom said...

Gardening is very hard work at times, especially the sort that you are doing. You really appreciate that drink when you stop for it, though, don't you? I'm never really sure whether I enjoy gardening, or just the results.

Debra in France said...

Hi MM, I think I like the buying plants in the nice garden centre bit of gardening, the deciding where to put them bit, and the planting bit. I don't particularly like the weeding bit although Ilike the finished results, and I really dont like the rotovating and raking bit!!!

travelling, but not in love said...

Oh my goodness - sounds like a really hard job! Next time I'm moaning about how hard it is to sit in an aeroplane seat and go to meetings I'll remember this post!!

Debra in France said...

Hi TBNIL, I could really do with an 8 hour flight to somewhere warm right now! Somewhere to sit and do nthing but read a book, watch a film and eat!! I've have only flown to go on holiday, never for work which I imagine must be very different. xx