Friday, 4 April 2008

7 things about me

Hey, now I've got the internet connection back and a free day, there's no stopping me. I was tagged ages ago by Woolyworks so here goes:

1. I would love to be abducted by aliens. I definately believe in aliens, but refuse to believe that a species with the technology to travel to other worlds would do so only to carry out experiments.

2. I once lived with a sound engineer to the band Motorhead. Boy, they were crazy days!

3. My phobias are slugs and mould - how pathetic! Neither of them are likely to ever catch me if I ran away from them, but I absolutely detest them! Slugs love salt, they go all fizzy!

4. I have been veggie since I was a kid, when I found out where my roast lamb dinner had come from. Mum always said that I was never keen on it as a young child anyway, and although I did try meat again when I was about 20, I have never missed it and love being veggie.

5. I love the smell of laundry when it has been dried on the line on a sunny day. So if you catch me sniffing OH's underwear on the way back up the garden you'll know why!!

6. I am impatient. I want that internet page to download NOW! No, too slow keep clicking and bugger up the computer! When I type my brain is flying ahead of my fingers and I end up missing most of the words.

7. Although I love science fiction and science fact, I am also a country girl at heart. I love wandering down the garden to feed the chickens and growing my own veg in my red gingham dress with frilly petticoat! I used to dream of being Maureen O'Hara in the film the Quiet Man, OH would say I am there as she has a temper to match mine! Now, how can I combine the 2 genres? Perhaps a garden on a space station, anti-grav chickens and a red gingham space suit?!


Maggie May said...

Well I won't say I hope you get your wish to be abducted by aliens, else you might not come back!
Slugs!!!!! Got plenty here!
Like you I am practically veggie (don't eat red meat) for the same reasons as you!
MMMMHHHHH! The smell of fresh laundry!
Always good to get to know some one better!

Breezy said...

Debra you in a gingham space suit tending your space chickens in between fighting off the mould monsters and slug beasts ? Has to be a B movie in there somewhere

The Lehners in France said...

Hi Debra, like you I'm veggie. Exactly the same, pork for Sunday dinner after I'd watched a farming program on pigs. Mum said "don't be stupid Debra" (I always got the full title when she was angry)"all meat's the same" so I stopped there and then. I'm with you on the laundry and love fresh bedding after shaving my legs. Chicken too, why eat them in on sitting when they give you hours of pleasure alive. My phobia is SNOT, so I guess I'm there with you on slugs too. Maureen O'Hara, what an era in film making, I love Doris Day too. I'm new to blogging what on earth is tagging and will you get it in outer space?

softinthehead said...

Great to know more about you, I love the picture you conjure up of your space gardening. Hanging my washing outside to dry is one of my favourite things, the actual act of doing it! I guess it is the sign of a great day outside. Yesterday we had our first beautiful spring day, I feel a wash coming on!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

The chooks must be delighted that you are a veggie head!

Better to be sniffing your husbands underwear after the wash and dry than before - now that would be weird!

You sound in good form.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

How lovely to learn those things about you - all very cheerful things too. I too love the smell of fresh air on clean laundry. M xx

Mean Mom said...

Glad you are feeling OK, now. I think it is great when the weather warms up and my washing can dry outside again. It smells so much fresher.

I am inviting you to a tea party at my place to pick up an award. Hope you can come!

Mignon said...

Your list made me giggle. Like you, mold scares me. When I was little my aunt told me if I rubbed slug slime all over me I would become magic. Now as an adult I think how wicked she was. And possibly still is. What a turd!

Debra in France said...

Hi Maggie, I would have to come back to see the cats and chooks. But i am sure I could blog from outer space.

Hi Breezy, what a great idea!

Hi Lehners, If I ever got a cold (rarely), my dad would tell me that I needed a good rare steak for dinner. Fresh bedding on shaved legs - absolutely. I also like to be the first one into bed when it is clean bedding day, even if it is only by 5 mins.

Hi Sith, on Saturday we were working outside in t-shirts and sweating buckets, yesterday (Sunday) we had snow flurries and this morning the temp is -1.3 with a heavy frost - how bizarre.

Hi MOB, yes that would be weird, and I don't think I would admit to it either!

Hi Margot, I sniff it all loudly when it has been dried on the line.

Hi Mean Mom, how lovely a tea party. Will be over tout de suite (straight away).

Hi Mignon, definitely a wicked auntie. Thank you for visiting.

Wooly Works said...

I'm so glad you got around to this. I've been hoping to read more about you for some time. Forgive me for neglecting my blog reading--sick and more sick here for nearly 10 days!

There was a horrible science fiction movie out recently in America called "Black Sheep" about sheep getting infected with an alien virus that caused them to become man eaters. We laughed all the way through, right to the end credits. B movie all the way. Perhaps you'll write something like "Chooks in Space", "Attack of the Killer Slugs" or "The Mold Chronicles". Who knows?

Wooly Works said...

Oh, and yes, we do mail order, although to France it's a bit expensive. Let me know what you're looking for!

Debra in France said...

Hi Wooly, sorry you have been so poorly, I hope you are feeling better.

I love the sound of the Black Sheep film - a real classic of the future! I think I may have to start writing this script even if I don't get funding from Hollywood, I could blog it! I liked your film title suggestions, I think that Chooks in Space could rival Black Sheep!!!