Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Another New Year arrives

Well, didn't that year go quickly? And don't they go quicker as you get older? All in all 2007 was a good year. We had lots of family to visit, which was brilliant. Our eldest niece flew out on her own just before her 16th birthday. She was great company, a truly lovely girl and absolutely stunning. Our younger niece (now 11) came out at the end of the summer holiday with my mother in law. She is adorable too, great fun and just a joy to be with. My in laws came out in the summer, they are wonderful too, I am really lucky there.

I started my hairdressing business which is going very well. I have some brilliant clients who already feel more like friends, and through some of them I have got some more work for my gardening business. OH has had a good year work wise, including a new unexpected client in November. He really enjoyed working for him and his wife and we have been keeping in touch with them.

OH and I spent another year together living our dream. We grew our own veg, just about finished our house, got a new kitten and got some great new neighbours.

New Years Eve was very good this year. There were 14 of us including Breezy and Tech Support. One of the others brought a load of xmas crackers (they don't exist in France), and I will carry in my mind the sight of Tech Support customising his paper hat with ribbons, hair bobbles (from his cracker) and goodness knows what else, until he resembled something from Star Wars. The food was great. We had 8 courses from 8pm til about 1.30 am. Admittedly there were some course that we didn't like and others that we loved. Breezy loved the chocolate creamy pud, and ate about 5 of them! There was enough food though, that if you didn't like a couple of course you didn't go hungry. We got home a 3am!

Well, I will be taking the decorations down today. Misty will be devasted!



Breezy said...

Oh Debra I may of had 5 portions on my plate but I didn't finish them. Is that better or worse? Anyway you made short work of my ravioli and my stinky cheese. Perhaps you should leave one tree up as a kitten gym. I think TS has found his calling in hat design don't you? He's sure to win the Easter Bonnet Fete

Debra in France said...

I could manage a portion of stinky cheese and ravioli for lunch today! Misty loved helping to dismantle the trees, she climbed even higher now that there were no decorations to hamper her.

I think the Easter Bonnet Fete is a foregone conclusion. He should have been a Blue Peter presenter, the things that man can do with some bits of paper and some sellotape!

Elizabethd said...

I wish I was near enough to have my hair done with you!
New yrs Eve sounds like a lot of fun, saadly I went down with a rotten cold after coming back from Austria, so we didnt get out to the friends who had invited us. By the way, if you have an 'Irish shop' near you , they do sell Christmas crackers.

aims said...

We never had Christmas crackers when I was growing up - but The Man makes sure we have them every year..always alot of fun...everyone looks so silly with those hats on. I'll have to remember TS and think about decorating mine next year.

I am just jealous about the dinner - what fun that sounds like it was!! Good for you guys!

softinthehead said...

It all sounds wonderful, food, crackers and (although you're both very quiet on this point) plenty of alcohol. A few years ago we went to Les Gets in the Alps for skiing over New Year and had one of those endless dinners with fabulous food, unfortunately my youngest son was only ten at the time and was falling asleep over his plate.

Wooly Works said...

Love the account of the meal. I've participated in some very similar and regretted the vast amount that I ate at such a late hour. In Bulgaria, they fed us until the wee hours of the morning and then we couldn't sleep with so much on our stomachs.

I'm tagging you to write a letter to your 13 year old self!! Have you already been tagged for this?

Debra in France said...

Hi Elizabeth, poor you coming down with a cold after your lovely holiday. I hope it gets better quickly. There is an Enlgish grocers over in Chabanais, I hadn't thought of seeing if they had crackers, also there is an English tea room in Bellac, they may have sold them. DOH!

Hi Aims, I am glad you have crackers now, they are great fun. OH even wore his paper hat, he would normally NEVER wear them!

Hi Wooly Works, thank you for the tag. These meals are great, but I am glad that they only come once a year.
Hi SITH, I offered to drive for the evening so OH, Breezy and TS were drinking. I have to say though everyone one was quite restrained with the alchohol.